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Nsazewo Nkusize Chosen Harvestors:

Hossana Chosen Harvestors New Ugandan Gospel music 2016 DjWYna
Hossana Chosen Harvestors New Ugandan Gospel music 2016 DjWYna.

Nsazewo Chosen Ann
I have decided to go with you my love Subscribe to Chosen Ann Official YouTube Channel:

Nsazewo Dan J.Official HD VIDEO] MP4
Produced & Edited by NOlabel Films all rights reserved.

Philly Lutaaya Tumusinze
Philly Lutaaya Tumusinze Tumusiize anifa Kampala diana born in africa Philly Lutaaya.

NSAZEWO- GRACE NAKAWUNDEcoca promo 0704352314
VIDEO was produced by coca nox +256 704 352 314 at cloud media filmz.

Yaka Kirwana Mc Africa Golokoka New Ugandan Video
Subscribe to Ugandan Music Videos on YouTube: New Ugandan Music Videos : Latest Ugandan Songs: Best Ugandan Music Videos : Latest Uganda Music Videos: This the place...

Yegwe : David Lule
Uganda gospel Music.

YOYO ft Peters Ugandan Gospel Music 2011
luganda music based on the lord and his works!

Ndugudde By BY MARY BATA ( )
Ndugudde By BY MARY BATA ( )

Kampala Pentecostal Church.

Enyimba za Kristo - Yesu ajja hymn no 163 - Soundhut Music Centre Uganda
SDA Luganda Hymns, Yesu Ajja, Jesus, Gospel, Songs of Praise.

Tukutendereza a common song has been finally converted into Runyankore and the title will chage to "Nitukuhimbisa" Its a nice version and I have personally liked it. great thanks to aunt Abia...

Salvado by Billy Katumba kasodde
Have you ever thought about this,that love has no formula weather you small,big, fat,slime,tall or short. no matter how your nature is lame or perfect God created some one out their for you....

Eri gwe Yesu - (Impact Worshipers)
Impact Worshipers found at Glory of Christ Church kasubi unleashed their first gospel album last year with Eri gwe Yesu song hitting highly.

Morgan - Tuli Mukintu.flv
Ugandan gospel ...abbalokole tuli ............

The Harvest Mission Choir
What a talented group of children... I could have watched them sing and dance for days!

Tabongota - Fiona Mukasa
Watch out for the official video...

Alice Nyamihanda: first Mutwa to get a university degree
Interview with Alice Nyamihanda. Filmed August, 2011 for The Advocacy Project, and the United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda in Kisoro, Uganda.

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