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Az Cox Conserves Hero Award Brad Lancaster Desert Harvesters:

AZ Cox Conserves Hero Award—Brad Lancaster & Desert Harvesters
In 2013, Brad Lancaster ( was nominated as one of three finalists for the Arizona Cox Conserves Hero Award for his work including promoting water harvesting and...

Planting the Rain to Grow Abundance | Brad Lancaster | TEDxTucson
Do you have any idea of what amazing things would be possible if you could see, and partner with, the unseen natural abundance around you? Problems transform into solutions, and previously...

Native Harvest
Many of the native trees in Tucson bear edible beans. Brad Lancaster and the Desert Harvesters host annual native tree tours to educate Tucsonans on how to locate edible and tasty legumes....

Desert Harvesters
Desert Harvesters strives to promote, celebrate, and enhance local food and water security by encouraging the planting of indigenous, food-bearing perennial plants where we live, work, and...

Toasting Honey Mesquite by Traditional Seri Method
Traditional method for dry toasting Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana) pods amongst the Seri, or Comcáac, people of northwest coastal Sonora, Mexico. This film was shot during...

Harvesting Rain
The arid climate in Tucson limits rainfall to approximately 12 inches per year, more than half of which falls during the annual monsoon. Brad Lancaster is a community activist who is well known...

Desert Harvesters & Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona Hammer Mill Training 2015
The annual Hammer Mill event in June is always epic. This is the time to harvest mesquite pods: BEFORE THE MONSOON RAINS!!! I wanted to put up a video to inspire and remind people that we can...

Desert Harvesters - Local Food and Water Security
Desert Harvesters is a nonprofit, grassroots effort based in Tucson, Arizona, USA. We strive to promote, celebrate, and enhance local food and water security by encouraging the planting of...

Ironwood Beans Native AZ Tree's
stop to pick some wild edible ironwood beans.

Rain Water Harvesting Demonstration with Brad Lancaster
Why should we harvest rain water? Rain Water Harvesting Expert Brad Lancaster shows us the effectiveness of harvesting rain by using a sponge model. Keeping water onsite can be a fairly easy...

Desert Harvesters - 6th Annual Mesquite Milling, Tucson, AZ
The Desert Harvesters play at the 6th Annual Mesquite Milling in the Dunbar Springs neighborhood in downtown Tucson.

Cox Conserves Hero (San Diego 2011 - Adult): Denise Stillinger
Denise brings 25 years of volunteerism to wetlands conservation. She actively protects the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and its watershed by leading nature walks, picking up debris and...

1 year after murder, Kansas City, KS police remember Det. Brad Lancaster in tribute video
It was one year ago that Detective Brad Lancaster took a break from a case to go grab lunch.

2013 Cox Conserves Heroes - Barbara Palin
Congratulation spot for Barbara Palin the 2013 Cox Conserves Hero in San Diego.

Brad Lancaster - Coneybeare Cleantech Leaders Conference
Brad discusses water conservation techniques at the 2015 Coneybeare Cleantech Leaders Conference in Irvine, Calif.

Local Foods and Rain Harvesting
The city of Tucson offers rebates to residents who install rain harvesting tanks in their backyards and use the water responsibly. This system as well as dietary adjustments is crucial as the...

How To Harvest Palo Verde Green Beans
The window for harvesting sweet, delicious, Palo Verde green beans is very short. Their in this stage for a couple of day's and staying on top of the harvesting is key. We freeze or pickle...

Living Streets
Albuquerque is a city that is becoming increasingly hot and dry due to abrupt global climate change and the impacts of urban heat island effect. This video demonstrates the Green Streets program...

Cox Conserves Hero (2012 - Arizona): Melinda Gulick
Melinda Gulick has a long-standing commitment to and passion for Arizona's open space. By cultivating donors and working through complex financing models for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve,...

Brad Lancaster on storm water harvesting via the Urban Farm
Join Greg Peterson from the Urban Farm as we visit Brad Lancaster in his front yard and review his storm water harvesting system that he installed 10 years ago.

Brad Lancaster at Santa Barbara City College Lifescape Gardens Part 2
Rainwater harvester Brad Lancaster walks us through an assessment of the Lifescape Garden at Santa Barbara City College. Find out more at Produced by Sustainab...

Lester Cox, Pacific Arizona Realty and Fidelity National Title Partner
Lester Cox gives his testimonial about partnering with Fidelity National Title and how they have worked to grow his business, save him time and help him build new streams of income.

Photo Slideshow: UA Harvesting Mesquite Bean Pods
University of Arizona students and other volunteers have begun harvesting bean pods from mesquite trees, the region's ubiquitous desert planet. Called the Mesquite Bean Project, the on campus...

mesquite mill training part 3
Desert Harvesters Mesquite Mill Training raw video part 3.

Looking at the VOLUNTEER MESQUITE TREE It sure has grown fast!! Lovin' this high heat and lots of rain we have been having. Filmed in 1080p HD Filmed by ArizonaAdventuresS - © Copyright,...

San Diego River Park - 2013 Cox Conserves Heroes Winner - Barbara Palan
As the 2013 Cox Conserves Winner, Barbara Palan chose the San Diego River Park as her non-profit of choice to receive her prize, part of which is this SD River Park PSA produced by Cox Channel...

Palo verde blooms blanket foothills
Blooming palo verde trees are blanketing the foothills north of Tucson in hues of yellow. Video by Doug Kreutz, Arizona Daily Star.

Native AZ Tree's Paloverde
paloverde tree edible beans. Warning signs alerting you that smugglers are in the area.

Mesquite Harvest and Mill
Great Basin Permaculture prepares for the Fourth Annual Mesquite Pancake Breakfast in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chris and Brad Desert Golfing
There is nothing better to do in Oro Valley.

Desert Backyard Permaculture Design Part 3: Amending Soil & Planting Trees - OneHeartFire
After digging up the entire back yard with a mini excavator (!!!) it was time to start smoothing out and finalizing the shape the water harvesting earthworks. Due to the very hard subsoil...

Dying Palo Verde Trees
Visit Why would these drought tolerant trees all be dying? Watch and find out!

Olneya - garden plants
Olneya - garden plants.

Honey Mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa, San Diego, California
The Honey Mesquite is a sparse-looking tree with dainty, drooping foliage that somewhat reminded me of fern trees at first, but not quite. Honey Mesquite starts as a shrub but can grow into...

Free Thinking - Eat the Landscaping
As an addendum to his Free Thinking series, Daniel Lionheart discusses the foods that grow on plants and trees cities use for landscaping in public areas. In Phoenix, Arizona, the majority...

Junior 126 - William C Cox III (Arizona) vs. Trevor Kringlie (North Dakota)
Round 1 match of the 2013 USAW Junior Freestyle Nationals with William C Cox III from Arizona vs Trevor Kringlie from North Dakota at 126 lbs. Copyright USA Wrestling 2012. Technology provided...

Banalasta Eucalyptus Harvesting
Banalasta - Eucalyptus Harvesting for Skin Care Products. Education Video (with commentary). The world's largest certified organic eucalyptus radiata plantation and a lavender farm. 'Banalasta'...

Cox Communications - Laveen - 877-671-2026 - Laveen, Arizona - AZ - Authorized Retailer
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Arizona Tree Experts #2
Tree Consultation Carob tree spraying Deep root fertilizing Storm damage removal Stump grinding Hauling of all debris Planting large & small trees Trimming of Oleanders Tree Cabling, bracing...

Mesquite molasses first test
Mesquite pods cooked ground and strained in to molasses see kerrmaculture .org for details.

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